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Embracing digital transformation isn’t just about upgrading your systems; it’s about reinventing your entire business model to thrive in the digital age.

Work History

Our team has championed infrastructure review for Pfizer, GSK and Bayer on behalf of Genpact / PVAI and recommendations  has helped to enhance (AI) and ML models infrastructure automation and drove down monthly cost by 30%.  We identified issues with the immature deployment process and helped in redesigning of the deployment automation which reduced deployment of 350 environment from 2 weeks to 20mins.

We assisted Student Loan Company (SLC) in designing, developing, and deploying scalable and resilient applications. Our expertise lies in transforming legacy monolithic systems into modular and independently deployable microservices that enhance scalability, maintainability, and speed of delivery. Having collaborated with cross-functional teams, we employed industry-leading tools and technologies like Docker, Kubernetes, and Istio to orchestrate microservices and ensure seamless CI/CD.

Phozin has worked with Social Security Scotland in designing and building of the target architecture in line with AWS Well Architected Framework. We have helped to deliver a review of a key strategic project involving various Scottish benefit program integrating security and cost optimisation. During our assignment, we have championed migration of Kofax windows application to the cloud and led the patching team to create immutable patching process. We have also helped in infrastructure / application hardening which has satisfied ITHC requirements.

We have conducted cloud infrastructure security review for goodtalent. Our approach melds proven methodologies with hands-on technical acumen, enabling the identification of vulnerabilities, risks, and inefficiencies across complex IT ecosystems. Having collaborated with cross-functional teams We spearheaded initiatives that have optimized security postures, ensuring robust, compliant, and resilient systems. Our in-depth assessments have been instrumental in devising actionable roadmaps for the client, driving both short-term remediation and long-term strategic enhancement.


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